Thursday, 5 May 2011

The next change


Things are changing around here - in the retail world, the online world, the singular 'just you' world and the familial world. Can you feel it? I am changing - my drive, my motivations, my reasons for working - are all changing. I am living away from the online community more than I have for almost a decade. I don't feel the need to blog, status update, tweet or see what others are up to as much. There is no 'you have to do this today' online stuff like there used to be. Perhaps my love of the online way of communication is waning? Perhaps I am enjoying 'living' rather than 'existing online'? I am not sure. I have been thinking about it, but I have come to no conclusions as yet.

Putting fabric up for sale on the website won't change, that I can promise you. I haven't been doing as much of it as usual in the past couple of months, but I have a renewed vigor and am putting up more and more fabric. And still buying, too, if you can believe it.

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