Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ahhh....the sound of silence...

I have been sewing and sewing to try and get better and better. It's happening - but very slowly! I tend to err on the perfectionist side...and even though I have been told by buyers and admirers these pouches and wristlets are fab, it's hard to believe. Do you ever have that problem with your creations?

So the sewing machine has stopped whirring and I am having a sewing rest. Making buttons is so much quieter - easier, as well :)

But I am starting to list these on Etsy to see how they go - two lots of buttons are already on the website and I'll be adding and adding to that next week. More than likely bags, too...

But in the meantime it's a spring clean around here, photographing some more vintage fabrics to pop up onto the website and perhaps working on refining the sizing of my wristets and pouches. I want to make them as usable as possible. And as pretty as possibe, too :)


  1. I know what you mean. i keep worrying that my jewelry is going to magically fall apart even though I've made pieces for myself and friends and they haven't broken at all, lol. Sometime being a perfectionist is a good thing. In your case, you're giving your customer a quality product. :D

  2. LOL - yes, I know what you mean. I keep thinking I am pretending I am running a business and people know who I really, so silly, but I suppose it's just us being human, isn't it?

    Have a lovely day, Quirks!