Sunday, 16 November 2008

Zandra Rhodes buttons and the 1960s brocade pouch

I am almost back to feeling myself. I am not at sore as I was on Friday and yesterday - it's amazing how sore you are after a prang! My neck went as stiff as a board, my right knee locked up and my right ribs were very tender - the doctor said all of that is normal and it's basically due to my body bracing itself for impact and hitting the driver door. Funnily enough - if you looked at my Camry you wouldn't think I'd had a hard knock - but the safety structure in the car was amazing and the car literally bounced out of the impact. Can't say that happend to the poor late model red Barina who collided with me - I would think that's seen the last of it's days, unfortunately...

I went 'back to work' today - couldn't help myself. I have decided to sell some of our earlier sewing pieces on Etsy just to get the Retro Age Vintage ball rolling. We have so much more in the pipeline - but, some of these pieces just aren't up to the bloody perfect standard I strive for, so I am selling them off as early pieces on Etsy....the above piece is the first up and is a limited edition of only three. And you can see how gorgeous the 1960s couture lame/brocade is. Who cares if the stitches aren't perfecto when you're carrying around this glory :)

And, in a moment of weakness, I have also offered a set of buttons we made from SUPER RARE Zandra Rhodes fabric. Any vintage fabric - or general 20th century textile lover - will know who Zandra is. She is super cool. She is uber cool. Her textiles are divine. We have lined some of our wristlets in her fan fabric and had some offcuts so made some 2cm buttons out of it. We're selling the first set of six on Etsy, too...

To view them both click here.

More vintage fabric going up onto the website this week...from 1940s through to the 1970s...the more eclectic we are the better :)

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