Sunday, 30 November 2008

Retro Angel

Even though I am a Buddhist and we have a shrine and photos of His Holiness Dalai Lama and prints of Tara (female Buddha) and Siddharta Buddha in various poses etc we have decided to rear the boys with a wide and various religious upbringing. By religious I mean philosophy and overviews of religious practice and dogma. When it's appropriate we explain religious days and rituals to give L a thorough understanding of how different and unique people worldwide really are...

Christmas is no different. We celebrate Christmas with family and friends and deck the house inside and out in all things Christmas. This includes a traditional nativity scene - and, of course, involves putting a tree up with lovely (some tacky) Christmas decorations for Santa to visit on Christmas Eve.

My ode to vintage is the angel on top of our Christmas tree - referred to as 'Retro Angel' by everyone, including the five-year-old. I love her boufant hair and lace dress. She makes me's great to have her up again :)

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