Saturday, 8 November 2008

Recent days....lots of charcoal and stones...

We have been busy little bees. We are focusing on altering the front of our house and ripping up what was there as it just took too much water to keep going. We covering half of the front garden with gorgeous river stones - quite large ones, mostly browns, and some of the garden will be a grey black mulch to give the area a different texture. We're not rendering our kitsch 70s house - we've decided to leave the lovely brick alone and change the feature colour on the roof, window frames and all other features to a dark charcoal grey.

Other than that we're sanding Gabe's room, buying plantation shutters for both of the boy's rooms and working out the colourway of the rest of the house. Gosh - it never ends. Now I understand why people build new houses!

We're still evaluating the direction of the business - retail, Mill Markets or just online. There are so many pros and cons for all directions. We've been sewing more lovely bags to sell - photos this week, I think! - and also thinking of new ideas for vintage fabric lovers....

While catching up on work tonight (yes - sad, I know)...have been revisiting the magnificent Jeff Buckley. I love his music - and cherish seeing him live when he visited Melbourne in 1995/96 (if memory serves me correctly). There are so many gorgeous Buckley songs - but nothing is more beautiful than Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Here is Jeff's version...enjoy :)

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