Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Skinny la Minx aka Heather Moore

It's not often I err from the world of vintage fabrics or our little humble household. But I just have to tell you about Skinny la Minx! Heather Moore, aka Skinny la Minx, produces the most divine teatowels, aprons, napkins, cushion covers etc in her most amazing individual designs.

I bought the one above called Eep and it just arrived yesterday. Not only was the tea towel an amazing quality and screen-printed to the highest standard (and it's easy with screen printing NOT to reach that highest standard), but her packaging was sublime and just so, well, 'gifty' and thoughtful. A wonderful experience and a product I would highly recommend :)

Visit Heather's Etsy shop here and her blog here.


  1. Excellent choice, i do love skinny laminx. Question is will you actually USE this beautiful thing as a tea towel?? People have been known to frame them! ;)

  2. I am pathetic - I bought it as a Christmas gift and I didn't buy one for myself!

    So I have to go back shopping!

    And I have to admit - they would look soooo cool framed on a wall. Just goes to show you know you've got a fab product when you can 'use' it in different ways...

    Have a fab day!