Thursday, 13 November 2008

So glad to still be with you...

So, so glad to write this short picture-less post. I had a car accident today. Am sore. Am peeved. But I'm okay and I'll get over it. The Camry is drivable (just) but who knows what the chassis is up to until you get it checked. All I can see is the red car before we hit. And all I can hear is the sound of us colliding. I was listening to Faith No More. I was going to a meeting. I didn't see the give way sign - never been on that street before. I am so sorry to the poor man I hit. He couldn't speak English very well but his niece was there and was was so sorry to see me so upset and crying. But we are okay and have walked away.

So glad to write this post.

So glad my babies are all well.

So glad to be here with everyone...


  1. How awful, it can really shake you up! So glad you're ok :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words - I am so glad I am here, too! It has shaken me up but I am much better today (albeit very sore) but mentally I am fine - even got in a car and I'm back on the path to enjoying life and reading lovely blogs like yours :)

    Have a great weekend!