Monday, 24 November 2008

Melbourne residents - the Oxfam $60 live tree!

Thanks to two lovely bloggers who left me links to the site I was trying to remember I now have some fabulous ideas for gifts for family members and friends we don't see that often - but who we love and miss at Christmas time :)

Oxfam has the most wonderful gift ideas - I remember reading about the ideas last year but it was too late to order anything for Christmas. This year I am getting in (slightly) earlier!

If you've got friends and family who a) have everything or b) have stuff but you don't know what to give them consider giving an Oxfam gift to 'save the world from unwanted gifts'. It helps someone who needs our help at any time of year and it stops those pesky "I have no idea what to give you so I'll just buy a purple vase and I don't care if they like it" gifts...:)

Here's a snapshot of what you can buy:

A calf - $203
Cooking sets - $39
Duck - $20 (not as pictured LOL)
Fruit trees - $35
Safe refuge - $25

J and I have been having a look at trees this year - we piffed our other one out last year as it had just seen one too many Christmas'...and, as L keeps on reminding us, the elves need to leave us the perfect tree for Santa to leave some presents under.

Enter the Oxfam $60 live tree for Melbourne, Frankston, Geelong and Werribee. Their lovely volunteers deliver it to your door - can you believe it??? I am ordering our tomorrow - it's the perfect tree and I would rather our money go to those in need of assistance than to some humungous corporate's wallet (or purse)...

Christmas is coming - woo hoo!

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