Saturday, 22 November 2008

I love Frankie

I have to say I don't buy magazines that much. Don't know why. I remember as a teen I was addicted to Cleo and Cosmopolitan but as I entered my 20s I didn't really feel the need to find out what the latest trends were or where you should eat or what colour nail polish to wear. Still can't be stuffed knowing - or doing :)

I buy Who mag every Friday to get my goss fix (usually read in the bath with some eucalyptus oil and silence) and I love reading the Herald Sun Home mag every Saturday - and, oooohhh, the Sunday paper mags. Love 'em. But now I have found a new addiction. Frankie. I love Frankie. If you love something off-beat and refreshing (thank goodness!) then pick up December's issue and chill out for a bit. You won't regret it.

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