Monday, 2 March 2009

Maternal mother

I am not the natural maternal type. You know - the woman who has wanted kids her whole life, loves kids, adores kids, wants to be with them all of the time type people. I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids, either - so that, coupled with being a spoilt only child, probably made me less of a maternal woman than I really was.

I am still not overly maternel, as I would call it. I adore my kids, adore some other kids - but, in truth, apart from my own boys, I much prefer the company of adults :)

You would think I was not the type of woman to buy the the Australian Women's Weekly one week after my first son was born. But I did - I was hormonal - it was the only issue I have ever bought. And you would think I am not the type of woman who is enjoying baking up a storm in the kitchen every Sunday to ensure her prep son goes to school with preservative free healthy snacks. But I am. Must have maternal feelings somewhere - as the husband says, they're there, latent, hiding behind the rubble of life, business owner, freelancer, wife, lover, mother etc...and gosh they make me feel good...

The photo up top is one of my bread loaves (they were delicious but didn't rise very much - I think I let them sit too long!) and the yummy rock cakes are below. I love a good rock cake!


  1. They look great Vanessa! I haven't tried bread yet, partner makes delish rolls however!
    I know what you mean about lunchboxes. I feel the same way.
    I never buy Woman's Weekly either, but I bought it today! Just for Magda who looks terrific!

  2. You know, I actually glimpsed the Women's Weekly a couple of days ago and couldn't believe the change in Magda - how gorgeous does she look??? Amazing!!

    If you've ever got time to write up your roll recipe let me know! That's my next thing :)...apart from pumpkin scones, fruit bread (for yummy toast) and other know what I do on my Sundays now!!