Sunday, 22 March 2009

Admiration and recent things

I wanted to get outside of my comfort zone and tell you about someone I greatly admire. I read a lot of blogs (when I can), but being the insular person I am I rarely leave comments and prefer to 'lurk'. One blog I often read is written by Leslie and it's called Onegirl.

I dare say you've probably already heard of her and are a fan of her blog and wonderful work. It must be a 'slightly emotional day' (ahem)...but I just felt the urge to say this is a lady whom I have never met but who I adore reading about and who I think would be a wonderful person to know. We go through her highs and lows on the blog, she doesn't take life too seriously, is so grateful for the peeps she has in her life (including her gorg little girl! - so, so cute!) and who always seems to stive to live a better day, one step at a time. I hope I have her right :) - in any case, its a blog I would highly recommend written by a lovely lady. And look at her Oobees! Isn't the one above retro heaven?? I absolutely love it - if you love retro and you've got a little one, consider 'layla le oobee'...she's available for sale here.

I've had a busy day getting ready for a normal return to operations day tomorrow, considering I am around 90% better and the flu has moved on to some other poor person. Above is a hilarious side shot of the banana cake I made today - it's a primary school snack favourite at the moment (stacked with bananas - I squish four into this cake!) so I have been making it every Sunday. The recipe is from the book called Cookery the Australian Way (yes - hilarious title!). I got my copy for my 21st from my Grandmother and I have to admit it's become a staple in my limited supply of recipe books...

One of the highlights in an otherwise average flu week - Justin bid on this for me at auction and proudly brought it home. It's an original Weeping Rose print by Tretchikoff - whose works I collect. This is a huge print and signed on the rear and thankfully in it's original frame and behind glass...have to figure out where to put it now...

And in the workroom situation we have the arrival of one of my favourite textile pieces. I found her years ago and she is a part of my own textile stash. Now she's proudly (finally!) displayed on one wall and may be framed when I get around to it. It's an original Finnish weaving by the renowned Maija Kolsi-Makela and is called Ku Ku. She is complete handwoven and just divine. She simply brightens my day!


  1. Oh wow! That folk art peacock is so great! I just love it!
    It reminds me of Enid Collins handbags - which I must say - I have a bit of an obsession over! ;)
    She just brightened my day too! Thanks for sharing!


  2. So glad you like the peacock, Taryn - it's a beauty, isn't it? And I have to go off and have a look at these handbags if they're anything like that tapestry!


  3. I have Cookery the Australian Way. Home Ec text book from Year 9. I still use it now. Pancakes, the caramel squares on p 329 (4th edition) is a firm favourite of mine.

  4. Now I have to try the caramel squares - caramel slice is Justin's favourite and it's not far off...I am so sorry I haven't replied to your email, too! I have it in my inbox but haven't had some good time to dedicate to your email - sorry!! I will, though...