Thursday, 19 March 2009

The fear and loathing of the Brown Paper Bag

I journeyed out into the real world today. Had flu cabin fever - but even with my headache, nausea, sore throat and general malaise I just had to get out and do something. So I thought I would drive everyone to pick up the primary school boy from school.

Found out he is getting an award tomorrow for being good, using his 'listening ears' (never ceases to crack me up, those words) and for reading really well. So am going to lift my sorry bottom off the couch and see him awarded - and then return to the couch. Amazing how small exertions take a while to recover from...

On top of that the primary school kid has requested a 'lunch order' for the first time. Oh my. A lunch order. I know what that means - bad food! But it wasn't so bad - and I did weaken and allow him to order a sausage roll with sauce as long as he ate his fruit :) - and poor J and I have been hunting around for approx $2.40 he needs to take tomorrow to pay for it. It needs to be $2.40 EXACTLY - not a cent more or less. And we don't have $2.40 on us so we're hunting around the house to come across rogue coins for said sausage roll.

The lives and times of being a parent. I tell you - there are no better times :)


  1. Oh, That's me too!
    (Our sausage rolls are ony $2, lucky hey!)

  2. They're ripping us off - oh my! Our sausage rolls are $2.10 and 20c for the sauce sachet :) - how very dare they!! LOL...

    Glad I am not the only one with a fear and loathing of lunch orders!

    Have a lovely weekend, Zofia :) - loved Scienceworks, too - thank you for the recommendation!