Monday, 16 March 2009


As I have time on my hands at the moment I have been thinking, as I am want to do :). Having the flu has been awful (and I am not out of the woods yet, by a long hoo) but it has given me time to evaluate life. Things. You know - how to improve things, what else do we want to get up to...that type of thing.

Firstly - our retro home has the most hideous carport near the front. An original structure that has to be upgraded or has to go. It's electric blue at the moment. Yes - that's right - brighter than the sky and uglier than a carport should be. I love interior design and real estate and loved looking at the reno job on this house pictured above. I love the sloping simple carport and the simplistic nature of the design. It's given me some ideas about the type of carport structure I would like to run with for our home what hasn't the space for a garage :)

And another thing I need to give some structure to is this blog. It's higgeldy-piggeldy and that part drives me nuts. So I need to give it some walls, a roof, a floor and some space to, I am starting with changing my Monday posts to being only about small business - our business - and how we run it, what strategies we implement and how we grow it day to day. I don't profess to know a great deal about business - but I do know (roughly) about marketing and growth, so I thought I would try and help peeps who are growing their own business...

Starting next Monday - I'll talk about 'specialisation'....ooohhh errrr....

And hopefully I won't have the flu with me, either :)

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