Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Current favourites and reasons why

I am totally into wool at the moment. I have never really held a fascination for old wool until recent weeks - I think as these two pieces arrived together and they just had that 'Audrey Hepburn' and Chanel feeling about them. Both are original 60s wools - much finer than they appear in the photos - and I wish I was wearing some glamourous suit made of them, I can tell you! The pink and yellow is just so dreamy....

Every now and then a cotton really takes my fancy. It's gotten to the stage that I have 'design-o-phobia' - meaning, I see so much great textile design I have become numb or immune to great pieces. But not immune to super standouts like the butterfly piece below.

The designers has captured the flight of the butterflies beautifully - and the colourway is lovely, too. I am not a particular fan of butterflies - I like them and all, but wouldn't have a pin collection or anything - but this fabric sure does make me want to sew up a skirt and fly away from the 'flu :) This fabric is already on the website here.

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