Monday, 23 March 2009

Specialisation - how are you unique?

When I was ye olde copywriter working on St Kilda Rd in the wanky advertising industry there was one thing we had to constantly think about with every client "how are they unique?"

Every business - small or large, every brand - known and unknown - has a unique selling proposition to enable it to position itself individually in the market place. For example - some businesses are the first, biggest, have the widest variety of apples etc etc. Other businesses specialise - some businesses specialist in soft drinks, for instance, and this can be driven down even further to specialise in soft drinks/sports markets/rejuvenation.

Other businesses find it hard to differentiate themselves from their competitors, but if you evaluate the business enough, there is always something that makes them unique.

With Retro Age, we specialist in fabric/vintage fabrics/craft or collectable. And we could drill down even further - we post worldwide/we offer personal, fast service/largest collections for people to purchase from etc etc.

So - if you have a small business - you must get to know yourself. Start by asking - what makes me/my business/my product unique? What is my unique selling proposition (USP)...

I'll discuss more about mass markets and slim 'USPs' later...

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