Sunday, 29 March 2009

All together - not too bad

Have had a zippy weekend - its gone like a shot. Where did it go? Surely I didn't live it!

This weekend included:

1. Finally realising I have an intolerance to vegetable oil. I knew that I found it hard to stomach nuts and seeds (even in jam) but I had no idea that includes refined seeds and nuts as well. It was one of those a-ha moments! Evaluated the Helgas bread that set my stomach off - and the spring onion dip from three days before - and voila! vegetable oil. Explain a lot! Weird things like why I can't tolerate popcorn or potato chips. And fish and chips etc. And we use Canola spread! So now I have to set about changing my cooking and eating habits to remove vegie oil and replace it with olive oil etc.
2. Had a fire in the kitchen. Used too much bicarb cleaning the stove top and allowed the bicarb mix to sit in the tray beneath the element - it completely left my brain to clean it up. Upshot? Cooking rice and the element caught on fire. Took a few frantic minutes to put it out, too...horrid things flashed before my eyes like burning houses and the like...horrid
3. Calling RACV for Roadside Assist as my Camry decided to conk out on a road. Upshot? Found out I have a dodgey petrol gauge (including electronics) so I was out of petrol. Lovely man put petrol in car and followed me to petrol station for me to fill up. Fine now.
4. Driving to Melbourne for important catch up with a friend I haven't seen in two years. Decided to eat sausage roll. That's a no-no. So the trip, which should have taken 1.5 hours, took way over two as I had to divert to weird places and weird petrol stations and fast food outlets to use the toilet. A bad experience, I can tell you.
5. Eating yummy lunch at The Barking Dog at St Kilda for the first time in years. Loved it. Even when the toddler threw his scrambled eggs on the floor, in my hair and all over himself. Onlookers were none too impressed, but then again it looked like they hadn't laughed in years :)
6. Driving around like maniacs finding out about ducted heating and the like. Need it! it's getting cold now...brrrr...

Had a jam packed weekend - lots of highlights and lots of lowlights. But it was fab nonetheless!

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