Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Reverting to the original

In my sick haze thoughts have come to me. I have been frustrated with the business 'paperwork' and have been ruminating on strategies and ideas to streamline it. Enter an ugly diary on sale in the post office. Exit the vintage fabric woman from said post office with diary in hand. Now comes the daily entry of fabric purchases, postage and sales. Out goes the bloody E-tax thing from the Australian Taxation Office and it's complicated requirements. Booked in 40 fabrics today. Unheard of. Need to book in around 400 more but I'll get there...

Does the Universe always provide an answer? My personal thought is if you think hard enough the answer always presents itself :)

Heading back to normal programming - we're all still sick (sounding sexy with gravelly voices, mind you) - but new arrivals are definitely there waiting to go onto the website when my energy returns!


  1. Oh bless, hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to new fabrics :)

  2. Funny how going back to the 'old' way can motivate you! I'm forever writing down stuff on bits of paper, no system though !!!!
    Hope you all feel better soon,
    still looking for that bun recipe..