Tuesday, 31 March 2009

It's no joke...

Q. What do you get when your toddler vomits in the kitchen, your husband takes toddler away to clean him up and before you can clean the vomit your five-year-old screams up the hallway to get to he kitchen, slips on the vomit, flies backwards through the air and falls on his back and skull?
A. A boy feeling very sorry for himself, in bed with a gold ball sized swelling to the back on his head and needing to be woken every hour to ensure he doesn't have a medium head trauma.

After the car running out of petrol thanks to a newly faulty petrol gauge, and the bicarb soda fire in the kitchen on Saturday, we're thinking these 'weird' times are over.

But there will be lots of cuddles, Easter eggs, Ben 10 shows and all things wonderful for the sore boy tomorrow. Poor thing.

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