Saturday, 9 May 2009

Arabia ruska and the expensive kitchen


It's amazing what these magazines put in their photos of 'kitchens' etc. I say kitchens lightly as please don't try and convince me this kitchen has been decorated for the photo shoot. Or perhaps not. Perhaps I am jealous!

How's the purple Homlegaard vase on the top shelf next to that kooky bird? I love the vase - the bird can be tossed. And the Finel pot, Arabia pot and the Ericofon!! LOVE And love the Arabia ruska on the bench. We're going to be selling off a lot of Arabia ruska on eBay this week. We got rid of a lot at the Mill Markets and now it's down to the last billion pieces. We use it every day but these pieces are excess and I am tired of keeping clutter when I don't need to. So out it all goes. BTW - will be having a free section on this blog soon. Yes - a FREE section. If you want fabric and other stuff you can have it - all I ask is you cover the postage, that's all :). That's on top of our giveaway, too! Lots of things happening around here!


  1. Mmm, loving these pics Vanessa! Reminds me of growing up.. We had a phone like that only grey.
    Love the Arabia Ruska too, might have to check it out;)

  2. I love these old mags! I can't get enough of them at the moment - have lots more scans to put up to bring a smile to peeps of our 'vintage'. Arabia on target to go up tonight, if I get some time of Mother's Day, LOL...hope you had a lovely day, Zofia!