Tuesday, 5 May 2009

House and Garden January 1959


I have been holed up at home with another illness. Whilst feeling utterly shocking it has given me some time today to read one of my latest pick ups - the House and Garden January 1959 mag. The front cover is above...how's that for a holiday home? The caption to the cover reads: Mrs Noble Glenn, a tenant, posed for us on the way to the surf. Priceless - a tenant? Mrs Noble Glenn? Gone are the days when you lost your (female) name entirely!

House and Garden

One of the most interesting double page spreads is about the 'new' board and batten look - aka asbestos sheeting. How fabulous does it look?? But the whole asbestos story is just so, so, so sad. We are thinking of using Shadowclad on our carport and entrance to the house - but you have to stop and think. What is in Shadowclad apart from wood panels? Not saying it would be anything life-threatening...but just how much do we know??

House and Garden

I love the look of this home. I totally love the use of colour - the yellow, the blue and the spot read. Gosh they had some classy use of colour back then. Not just the white and accent of today - they had boldness! What a pity so much 1950s and 60s housing has been bulldozed - it's quite rare you see these quaint little houses around in these parts today...even as holiday homes...

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