Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday giveaway 24 May - now up!


The Sunday giveaways have been a blast - and they continue with another four today! However - the format has changed. Still free stuff - but instead of now offering it through the blog and getting myself all confused with addresses and payments etc I have now popped them all up on a new website category called 'Sunday Giveaways'. We have some satin (above) on offer...


And some antique Aussie fur (I think??) - I am no fur expert, sorry - but they are super soft and gorgeous and even though I am anti-fur I thought someone may like to use these in some craft etc??? I would hate to throw them away :(...we estimate the pieces to be around 1930s to 1940s...



We also have two vintage embroidered baby pillowcases - so darling! Amazing embroidery, too...


And lastly we got this lovely old nylon trim from a lady I used to go to school with and who is now one of Melbourne's (Australia??) most fab 50s style dress designers/ needs to find a trim loving home!

All of the Sunday giveaways are here. Enjoy - and good luck!

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