Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Mid-century paint colourway does it for us!


I am a very boring individual at the moment, stuck here at home whilst shooing away this stubborn bacterial infection. Not nice. To wile away time I have done silly things like paid bills, put my retro mag collection in order and poured over this one mag from Jan 1959 - that's it, House and Garden. The above advert for International Majorca colourway swatches and paints got to me. I just couldn't stop thinking about it.


And then it got to me. It wasn't my fevered brain doing weird things (which it has done all week thanks to drowsy antibiotics and anti-nausea thingies) - it was the colourway of the room! Dark blood red with a pale chartreuse green roof - oh, how I love it! I have gone from a "no, it is going to be all white, ALL WHITE, I say!" house to one filled with some colour. This is a perfect colour combo for our main living brings such joy to my heart instead of the feeling of 'clean' I get from white. Strange, isn't it? Oh, dear...please don't tell me it's the fever!

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