Sunday, 10 May 2009

Giveaway #3 - two shabby crochet style pillow cases


As you can see these are lovely but just not our style! This giveaway is for two off-white/cream shabby pillowcases. The face is a crochet (machine or handmade I have no idea - I know nothing about this type of craft!) and the pillowcases are cotton.


It could be the crochet face has been machined onto a pillowcase backing? As you can see, the effect is lovely...very homely indeed! Each measures 42cm x 62cm.


We are going to be giving away a lot of stock and even though we'd love to cover the postage we can't! - sorry. If you would like these pillowcases postage/packaging for Aussies is $6.00 (they are too thick for letter rate). You can pay via direct deposit or Paypal if you'd like...

First person to leave a comment gets these fab pillowcases! Please also then email us at vintagefabricsatgmaildotcom with your payment preference and address...thank you!


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  1. I'd love them! Thanks so much - you're very generous. Shall email you.