Thursday, 7 May 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous in 1968


Does your life ever go so far off course you feel like you're on a horrid sidecar ride at the annual show and you're whirling around all confused and agitated by all of the noise and you can't seem to find anything that feels like home. That's me at the moment. Something to do with my poor body being dehydrated earlier this week and putting my system out of whack. So - what does one sidecar riding dehydrated sick woman do? Read the vintage mags, of course.

These scans are from the Australian Home Journal, Feb 1968. I particularly love the above Marion Best advert. It's only a small one - around 12cm high x 7cm wide, but due to the fabric (!!) it speaks to me. This is the gorgeous Kaivo by Marimekko draped on a mod girl. Sublime.


And then we have the ridiculous. This kitchen is, quite frankly, hideous. It's a scan from the article 'The Animal Look'. This kitchen features kizard-skin wallpaper, a Wilson's crown vinyl, at $7.50 a roll. Black and brown estapol has been mixed to match the wallpaper and used to frame the (hideous) surface. And look at that lobster sitting on that chopping board. Lizard skin and lobster just don't mix - is the wallpaper meant to make the lobster look more enticing or is it the other way around?

That's 1968 for you.


  1. Love these posts of the 60's! Expecially love the Marion Best ad...makes me wish we could go back to that fun time of wild patterns, colors and mod design!

    Thanks for the memories!!

  2. That's my pleasure - it's fun to go down memory road!

  3. OMG i thought i'd seen some shocking things from the late 60's but i think that takes the cake!
    They even did the floor to match, i'm nauseus just looking at it, i can't imagine what it would be like to live with it...

    thank you for the cautionary pictures - snake skin should never go large in the kitchen...

  4. I love '60-'70 retro-style interiors!!!