Sunday, 10 May 2009

Giveaway #1 - old Myart? embroidered deer with fawn


We have decided to change our giveaways as giving away one piece a week is driving me nuts. We have been realistic in recent weeks and acknowledge we have too much stock and not enough time to list it all in the neat future. So we are going to put several giveaways up on this blog each Sunday arvo/Sunday evening - and it's a first in best dressed policy. First to leave a message on the post gets the item! Most of the giveaways will be fabric or linen with the occasional different piece - this is one of them.


This is an old piece of embroidery on brown calico cotton. The bordered area measures 34cm wide x 46cm long, but the cotton is much bigger. It has a stamp '2403 Manufactured in Australia' along the side.

We would love to be able to offer all of this stock and also cover the postage costs but we can't. This item is available to anyone, anywhere but please note there are postage/packaging costs. This item will cost $3.00 to send Australia-wide - the embroidery is free! If you live outside of Australia postage charges will be determined after you have left your comment. Please leave your country in the message!


If you would like this piece be the first to leave you name in the comments section and we'll be in touch regarding payment (Paypal or direct deposit is fine) and to get your address etc..

More fabric etc coming later today!



  1. We're glad you like the deer! If you could email us at vintagefabricsatgmaildotcom with your address details and how you would prefer to pay the postage we'll be in touch ASAP...cheers, Vanessa