Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A button conundrum...

I have a little conundrum. I was hoping to have the intelligence to work out how to do a Blogger Poll and ask you all about button sizes and set numbers you would prefer - but every time I do it and save all it says is the poll has finished or has been deleted. Blogger gremlins, methinks...

I have around 600 small pieces of 1930s-1940s cotton we want to use in our buttons. All of the sizes we make are popular - but the standouts are the small 2cm sets of six and the large 4cm sets of two.

Before we start using these rare and gorgeous fabrics on the buttons I wanted to ask you - what size would you prefer? And how many buttons would you like in a set? If you have the time please leave a comment - or look for a poll at the top of this blog if the Blogger gremlins go home and have some dinner!

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