Monday, 12 January 2009

Vintage fabric for sale right now right here!

We have had a lot of customers and followers of the blog email us about the stock we have been filling our Mill Markets stall up with and if they can in any way purchase it. Thank you for your interest! The Mill Market stock is sold by the entire piece instead of per half metre/yard, per pattern repeat etc so there are some really good buys - so I can understand the interest...

J and I have decided to offer some of the fabrics up on the blog before we pop the stock into the Mill Markets. It seems only fair to offer it to people who can't get to Geelong - let alone Victoria, Australia - online via the blog and for exactly the same price we'll be offering it for in the stall. All of the fabrics are still numbered so if you see anything you'd like let me know and I'll be in touch.

Prices are per quoted piece, in AUD and don't include postage/shipping - that will be extra. The postage for Aussie customers is listed below...

Fabric 3266 above and below (and top of blog) - This piece is a super rare mod jersey fabric in a rich midnight blue, white and yellow colourway - not as dark or as rich as what is pictured. It's basically a t-shirt weight cotton with very little stretch. The piece measures 134cm wide x 218cm long and is $22. Postage for this piece in Australia will be $6.00. Photos show close ups and half width.

Fabric 3265 above and below - fabulous vintage medium weight cotton knit in a colourway a little different from what is pictured - the lighting was really off today! The base is a pale grey and the motifs are charcoal grey and warm grey/blue - a hard colour to describe! The fabric measures a massive 140cm wide x 316 cm long and is $25.00AUD. Photos show half of the width and a close up. Postage for this piece within Australia is $11.00.

Fabric 3264 above and below - This is a modern fabric and is a cotton blend with a slight give on the width. It is a deep navy blue and white colourway (deeper than pictured) and measures 88cm wide x 305cm long and is $17.00. Postage around Australia would be $6.00. Photos show half of the width and a close up.

Fabric 3263 above and two below: This is a light cotton (with perhaps a light blend) and it has a white base with deep navy polka dots - sorry it looks a little blue-ish! The dots measure 2cm wide. The piece is a huge 108cm wide x 4m long and is $20. Postage around Australia is $11.00. Photos show half of the width and close ups.

Fabric 3262 above and two below: Once again the camera didn't pick these colours up correctly - it's actually a black base with white flowers and rich mustard centres...sorry for the lightining! It's a light voile and is the last of a bolt - it has bolt tape marks on the end and some storage marks in the middle that are literally just dust. The fabric measures 90cm wide x 250cm long and is $20.00. Postage for this Australia-wide would be $3.00. Photos show half of the width and close ups.

Lots more to come in the coming days and weeks - and new arrivals on the website later!

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