Saturday, 17 January 2009

I am on strike - I am so O V A H the missing camera

Can I just mention how sick I am of forgetting to take my camera everywhere? How O V A H my forgetfulness, am I? Very O V A H. Today we did so many wonderful things - Logan did his second dragon karate class, we had a wonderful day at the Cottage By the Sea Fete, had a gorgeous lunch filled with things from our garden and then slothed around the late arvo taking nana naps and the like...

So many gorgeous photo opps had I remembered to bring the bloody camera. I could have shown you so many lovely things...sigh...when we I get my camera-action-act together?

So instead of just showing you a recent vintage fabric shot I have decided to go on photo strike and offer you the Australia Post 'free delivery within Australia' logo instead - note it's not a photo. Thought this was okay to pop this on as we do offer free postage Australia-wide for all purchases on the website...

Hopefully the camera shall show you something tomorrow - you never know your luck :)

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