Monday, 19 January 2009

Pouch Designs in the UK

Pouch Designs is one of those websites I look at and sigh - such beautiful fabrics, such beautiful pieces and made with such love :) - I admore their peg bags (note to self to make one for me! - or buy one!) and their dilly totes are delightful - as pictured...

The more I handle vintage fabrics - and it's been thousands of hours now! - the more I realise I can make so much with them. Even though I am a creative person - a writer - imagining with fabric does not come naturally. I am really having to work with it. But I am getting there - I hope.

However - nothing is going on around here until everything is neat, tidy and booked in! So much to do and such little time...


  1. Not discovered Pouch before - great find! So wish i was more creative with fabric, i adore it so much :)

  2. I followed a link from Twitter to your 'knitted village' post and spotted another one about me!!
    Many thanks for the blog post and glad you like the fabrics and the designs.
    There's something so amazing about vintage fabric, they just don't design it like that anymore...

  3. That is my pleasure - I truly love your stuff and greatly admire your creativity...:)