Monday, 5 January 2009

Some Retro Age Christmas shots

I thought I would add some images of our Christmas Day the very least I had to show you my first plum pudding! I got the recipe from Frankie magazine and it turned out an absolute treat - lush, moist, rich and just soooo perfect. It's on one of my fave plates - a vintage 30s or 40s frosted green plate by Crown Crystal and is topped with an old retro kitsch santa.

Our table is not complete without our Barbara Brown Heal of London Ikebana tablecloth - we have had the brown and purple colourway, but this tablecloth is just the brown one :). Also note the vintage 60s plastic (bakelite??) cutlery and our Fire King jadeite plates...all used everyday!

I took some time out to bake some yummy shortbread with number one son (we cleaned his play dough cutters) and also made some of our traditional raspberry shortbread...see below. It's a traditional recipe my Nan used to make before she got too old to bake...

And, of course, I had to do the annual Christmas shot of the boys. It was hard to get the two of them sitting in one place this year - one is full of 'school is coming' beans and the other is 'I am looking at everything 'cos I'm only 13 months old'...but we got there in the end...

We love this shot :)


  1. Supercute! Great shot. Your little man has so many teeth! Mine is almost 11 months and none yet!

  2. Isn't it funny how different babies/we are? Both of our boys have been 'fang babies' (Gabriel is cutting four molars now - ouch!), yet one of our friends' little girls was a gummy girl until she was around 15 months...aren't they all the cutest, though? I could squish them all day long :)

  3. What handsome boys! Your fabrics are great they go so hand in hand with my vintage patterns.

  4. Thanks so much for visiting, CassieMarie - and I love vintage patterns! Unfortunately they're so hard to come by here, too :( - but vintage does go well with vintage, doesn't it?