Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Some very psychedelic fabric...and a psycho husband

Firstly - I am the first one to admit I know nothing about modern computer and internet and general technology stuff. Nothing. I know roughly what a hard drive is (it's in a computer) but I have no idea what it does. I know the desktop is the front of the machine thing that I look at and I know I move a mouse when I move the cursor around.

I know to run a business that is largely online you need to have a snazzy computer or two, some good stuff on them, lots of room of them and also a decent internet speed and size of upload/download. Know all of that. Seriously - I do. And it's not because hubby is a computer tech/vintage fabric business's cos I know simple stuff in life. Yeh.

So here I am thinking as hubby knows all of the ins and outs he knows what he is doing and all of our computers and internet stuff is fine and there's lots of internet download we pay for to keep everything running smoothly.

Think again. Then I start work today. Hrumpf.

Cos someone's loving husband downloaded so much stuff this month (Sony Home ring a bell - or whatever it's called) we have gone over our limit (that is so huge we should never be able to go over) and we're now as slow as a wet week. Infact - slower. So slow every second seems like a year long.

See you in two days when our new month clicks over, we're back to zipping around the internet and hubby stops feeling guiltridden :) Hope you enjoy looking at the fabrics that were just about to go up on the website...had I a fast internet connection...

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