Saturday, 10 January 2009

Jack of all trades and master of none...

I am already falling into the same bad habits that plagued me in 2008. There is a line in the first Lord of the Rings books - and it's in the movie, as well - where Bilbo Baggins says to either his nephew Frodo or his wizard frind Gandalf that he 'feels a bit thin - like he is stretched too much' (paraphrase, there!). It is only Jan 10 and I am already feeling this way. Have you kept to your resolutions or already stepping back into the same old shoes you were prefer to throw away?

The business is only growing - it is certainly not getting any smaller. We now have the online presence and the brick and mortar clearance outlet (for better want of a description). Within those two places we have the vintage fabrics (the good, the bad and the clearance) and we're off-shotting to our new accessories and giftware label Retro Age Vintage. So - not only do I have to manage two stores, as such, but also wares and multiple wares at that.

I love doing the creative side. I love doing the buttons (as above) and the new brooches (as below). I love choosing the fabrics and making them - and then making the packaging and packaging them up to sell. Love it.

But I am finding myself trying to do all things at once. Being the jack of all trades but the master of none. If you own your own business - or manage multi-things - how on earth do you manage this? Do you 'roster' your time by hour or day, dedicate your time on specific things at certain time of the week or do you literally fly by the seat of your pants and have your fingers and toes crossed for the best?

There is the wholesale side to think about, too - we're definitely wholesaling the buttons and brooches, with a minimum order of 10 packs. See - more work to do and think about! Hrumph - I really have to do a time management course and try to stop growing this business at a rate of knots!

PS. Fabric almost ready to go onto website - the top shots are of a delicious barkcloth being uploaded in the first set. It's half atomic half novelty - isn't it divine?

PPS. Any hints for time management or any fab software I should be looking at...or a green, pink or blue pill??


  1. Aww man. I didn't make any resolutions, but the holiday break gave me a false sense of being on top of things ... now that I'm working outside the house, doing True Up, AND taking care of a toddler, I'm right back to being stretched thin! I keep fantasizing about being able to live without sleep ...

    Good luck on the new branches of the Retro Age tree!

  2. So it's not just me, LOL! I reckon lots of modern women and men are stretched thin these just seems to be hitting us from all directions and it's not just job, home and sleep, anymore. I keep on thinking about how simple life in, say, the 1950s would have been compared to today...sigh...