Sunday, 11 January 2009

When you start to

As some of you know I am a firm believer in synchonicity. I look for hints in life all of this time and always wonder if something else is leading me in directions etc. I did my first Reiki certificate in Camberwell in the mid-ish 1990s and I vividly remember the Reiki master talking about being mindful of reasons behind what happens and trying to figure out the knots in life in different ways. A simple example of this - if you suddenly get a sore throat is it because you want to 'say something, but can't?' So not being able to speak manifests itself in another way...

I am slowly willing myself to structure our life - as a family, as an individual, as a business, as a worker etc. I am daunted just by the thought of doing it. Usually I love working out goals and structure but recently I just can't seem to muster the energy. But I have been thinking (as I always do - too much, mostly!) about what my priorities should be - now, tomorrow and in the long term. I am thinking of what I would be most proud of at the twilight of my life.

All that has come to me to start with is family. My boys - the three of them, all young and old. My outside family. Beyond this at the moment nothing really matters. By that I mean I want to work on my family first and ensure we are spending enough time together, that I offer my boys new experiences and I celebrate the love I have for my husband :)

So - this weekend we went to a night market in Geelong, ate yummy food, watched Number One Son rolling down the green hills and played with Number Two Son to make him giggle and giggle. We enrolled L in karate (he loves the idea of being a dragon!) and proudly watched him copying Sansei and learning how to count in Japanese. We took valued time out of our day to shop locally and to buy with thought - buying meat and fresh food, knowing where it came from (roughly) and knowing what we're doing to do with it.

Lastly - we spent the entire weekend together, laughed, had fun and slowed down. That was also an important part. The slowing down. The padding out of my day.

And one of the insprirations behind this new slowing down and just standing still. A new blog I found. One everyone should read. I love the Soules. I have such an admiraton for SouleMama. She is a modern-day legend and her gorgeous life and family and thoughts are enough to literally pull me up on a day and make my own soul sing with sweetness. Thank you, Amanda :)

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