Thursday, 8 April 2010

How much do you own?...and why?

This post on Mahatma Ghandi on ZenHabits prompted some thought. It resonated in me and has done so for days. These lessons and insights into the living habits of Ghandi and how simple his life was amazed me. Even though I had read of his life and watched his life story I didn't realise just how little he truly owned. When he died he had less than 10 possessions. Just 10 things. And what things people gave him he gave them away or auctioned. He needed so little, yet obviously his life was very, very rich.

I then found my way over to mnmlist and read up on his 100 - and now just 50 - possessions. His list doesn't include shared items, just things that are truly his. I was amazed at how he got it down to 100 things - and now he's at 50 things.

I know my life is simplifying rapidly. My clothing is minimalist and I don't own much of it - and what I do is all black. I don't own many pairs of shoes anymore - I am rarely out of my thongs or Birkenstocks. I don't shop for makeup, skin products or chattels. I don't replace things often. I don't upgrade to the latest thing.

To be happier I need less. The more I have the heavier I feel. Visiting mnmlist has made me wonder....just how little can I own? How light can I truly make my environment and my life? What really do my possessions mean to me and how do they make me feel?


  1. This post (and the sites you linked to) has inspired me. I'm not sure how much more I can minimalise but I'm gonna try.

    'The more I have, the heavier I feel' rings true to me. I'm gonna lose some weight! :)

  2. I am glad you liked the post! It's great losing 'weight' - wish not eating chocolate was as easy as decluttering!