Monday, 19 April 2010

The path is not always clear

You have probably heard the saying “life is a journey.” The definition of journey is “the act of traveling from one place to another.” We often consider this a metaphor since our normal use of the word “journey” implies covering a distance. But it’s not a metaphor at all. Life really is a journey, a journey that we travel in time, not distance. In life the paths aren’t on the ground but instead exist only in our minds.

In life, we don’t have road signs and often times the paths aren’t clearly marked.

In hiking (and in life) you know the feeling of finding a long flat, clear, grassy stretch where you can see the path unfold in front of you. The sun is high overhead and it is so obvious where the path is headed that you can pick up some momentum. But no matter how great you are at navigating the trails you will inevitably come to places where the path splits off into 10 different directions or the path seems to disappear all together. In life there aren’t usually obvious road signs to guide you. You need to use your intuition to find the way. These moments can seem scary. They can seem daunting. You can feel lost. I’d propose that instead of freaking out at these junctures, just sit down and enjoy where you are. Take in the sunshine, take in your surroundings… maybe enjoy some lunch. Let go of everything and just be in this place. If you wait patiently and enjoy the moment your path will eventually show itself.

This blog post is from one of my favourite blogs - The Artist Farm Ideas. I think this is so apt at some stage in everyone's lives - it is for me at this moment...

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