Monday, 5 April 2010

Just call me Red Tulip

The Mad Hatter at Fairy Park.

Yes, I think I am now officially made of chocolate. I think my right leg is Lindt and the left is Red Tulip. The middle is Humpty Dumpty and the head is a large rabbit. The brain? Pure chocolate mousse...I feel like the Mad Hatter (above) looks.

We are back to work at Retro Age again tomorrow after a four day break. It was, unfortunately, a classic Dickens time for us - "twas the best of times, twas the worst of times". My Nan has taken a turn for the worse and her little body is now slowly ebbing away. She is now in bed 24/7, basically, and is very, very tired. It was our first Easter without her here with the family. So, instead we took Easter to her after our Sunday lunch. She is 85 and her body is just giving up. A good wicket, as they say, but it doesn't make it any easier watching her slip away...

Nonetheless, we had a lovely Easter - too much bloody chocolate and too much food - but, that's Easter, isn't it? We had the egg nest hunt at 5.30am (we do a trail of Easter eggs to the 'nest' for each of the boys) and both were into their stash by 5.35am. We had the massive Easter bunny hunt at 11am and that was even more chocolate. Oh dear. Sorry hips.

Today was a trip to Fairy Park in Anakie, Victoria. We had already been there with Logan some years ago and thought Easter Monday was a great time for a drive - and it was a lovely day. The park is definitely great for the kiddies - but it's showing its age, unfortunately. At $16 for an adult ticket I thought it was a bit steep considering you can go to the Melbourne Zoo, Aquarium and other top notch attractions for not much more. Perhaps I am getting stingy in my older years, though?? Or maybe the 1970s built puppets with cracking faces and jerky movements has put me off?? Oh well. The kids had a great day and we've come home pooped...Sovereign Hill next, we think!

I hope your Easter was lovely! We're back to work tomorrow so we'll be in touch again soon!

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