Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ten Things

Ten things, eh, Le Pip? Righto - must join in!

1. I am scared of sharks so I don't go in the sea water (even up to ankle height)
2. I love watching Shaun the Sheep (don't tell my sons - keep that quiet)
3. I don't think you have to be wealthy to be happy - to have to be happy to be wealthy
4. I don't like kids - except my own (and some others)
5. I don't like networking - I prefer myself and my family for company - I love solitude
6. I adore a scotch or two or three or four
7. My favourite artist is Albert Tucker - I would like to own an original some day
8. I don't like wearing panties or bras (prefer a la nudie - ahem...commando - keep that quiet, too)
9. I hate all shopping except food shopping
10. I love vanilla coffee, plunged, not instant.

Thanks, le Pip!

See you tomorrow morning, all...

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