Monday, 9 June 2008

Advertising Retro Age Vintage Fabrics...

Well, well - Monday already! We have had a busy weekend with our new herb garden. It's amazing once you remove the established bushes etc just how big a garden bed is. We could put a mini vegie patch into just this one bed - but a herb garden only it shall be! We went to the nursery and got a selection of herbs that I cook with - basil, chives, rosemary etc - but I can't wait to clear the rest of the garden to pop in some fresh vegies :)

We're looking to advertise the business on blogs and I have been busy looking at possible ventures, However - some people out in your land may know of some blogs looking to advertise a small square ad that would link back to the website (for Australian blogs) or link to the Etsy store (for blogs based internationally)...

If you know of some blogs - or you'd even like some advertising on your blog - drop us a line. The ad is above...nice, eh?

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