Thursday, 26 June 2008

Today you were five...and I became walking penicillin

Today was not a day for vintage fabrics. Today was the conclusion of a weeks longs worth of parties (two), dinners (three) and present opening (lots) for our firstborn, Logan. Today our little man turned five and he feels so very grown up now! Happy birthday, Logie Fogey, we hope this week was so special for you! It seems like yesterday you were born and in our arms all new and beautiful...our love grows for you everyday (inbetween your ratty, only joking!)

The photos are of our two little treasures - I am a very proud parent so I couldn't resist popping the shots up here :)

I am a walking piece of penicillin - on 2000mg a day to keep this throat in order for surgery tomorrow. Just in case it settles I am fasting from midnight and have a 7.15am appointment with the doctor. Please, postules - p*** off!!

So...I'll see you all on the other side, a little 'less' of me, but all the better for it! The gallbladder can stay at the has no need to come home with me tomorrow...

Gloria Jeans Very Vanilla latte here I come!

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