Thursday, 12 June 2008

Zandra Rhodes and other gorgeous vintage fabrics...

Well - here they are! We have a lot of customers who like to hear about our private sale purchases or our estate collection purchases. This is part of our latest one that we purchased yesterday. I picked up 32 fabrics from a lady selling off part of her collection (we picked up quite a bit of it last year, as well) - this is termed a private sale as the seller is selling off personal items. An estate sale is when the family or legal representative of a deceased person sells off their items in keeping with the terms of a will or family wishes.

The 32 fabrics are all gorgeous and most of them quite retro - most 2 to 5 metres long. We specifically bought one on behalf of my Uncle who ADORES ADORES ADORES Zandra Rhodes. He has since the 70s and he still does today. All of the others are part of Retro Age inventory and shall be sold in the near future...but perhaps I shall have to nick a piece of Zandra from my Uncle for my own collection :)

This is a vintage 1960s sheet, never used but in need of a wash. A huge piece.

Sublime 1940s fine cotton rayon in apple green. So, so, so pretty.

The divine Zandra Rhodes.

Sheer retro purple fab print.

1930s or 1940s fine cotton with floral sprays. One of the finest cottons I have come across.

Retro wave and cloud woven polyester - very cool!

Retro mod woven fine polyester - very cool!

My personal fave - a 1940s cotton rayon - early amoeba atomic and just so rare!


  1. Oh goodness. Be still my beating heart. Do people ever tell you what they've done with their pieces.

  2. Hello again! I know - my heart has been beating since we picked these up yesterday. I could stroke them all day! Yes, we do have some customers tell us what they do with the fabric - but most times not...but it is fun to see what crafters have done with the fabrics, I can tell you...

    Have a lovely day!

  3. Would your expert Uncle know if Zandra ever collaborated with an Australian company called Daily Planet? I have picked up a black lycra evening dress with a coral satin yoke that has a label on it "Zandra Rhodes for Daily Planet".
    I've been searching online for more info, but can't find any mention of a collaboration... I've found the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has a pair of black velvet pants by Daily Planet, so I know that was a label from the 70s. But I'm very interested in getting some more info!!

  4. Hi Margie

    Unfortunately we've haven't got any information regarding a Zandra Rhodes/Daily Planet collaboration. We have a Zandra Rhodes reference book and I can't find anything in that. Only thing that comes to mind is perhaps the range/design was called Zandra Rhodes? We come across that a little with vintage fabrics - an individual design is called 'Marimekko' and has have nothing to do with the Marimekko fabric company. Hope this makes sense! Otherwise - why not contact through to see if they can answer your question? Cheers - and good luck! Vanessa

  5. Hi, I have recently picked up a piece of Zandra Rhodes fabric called 'Rococo'; designed for Osbourne and Little, screen printed in Switzerland 1987. It's only a smallish piece (190cm)and is a brown background with bright rusty red and blue pattern. I will probably sell it on my fabric stall but was curious what sort of garments it was originally used for. My internet search has drawn a blank so I hope you don't mind my asking you if you have any ideas. I see there is a range of her bedding now called Rococo but it is nothing like that.

  6. Hello - thank you for visiting the blog. Osborne and Little specialise in interior furnishing fabric, to we are leaning towards the piece being a drapery/soft furnishing fabric, perhaps...