Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cross your Lego fingers...

Cross your fingers and anything else that can bend. I have a bad bacterial infection in my throat and surgery is DEFINITELY set for Friday. No snip snip if you're sick, though - so hopefully I can get over this thing in a day (are you laughing? My body is...)

This was my day today. Making Speed Racers out of Lego with number one son. He hasn't seen the film, nor will he, but he likes the idea of cool cars racing around. This is my Speed Racer with wings (my keel, for all you America's Cup lovers).

This is what you do when you're too small to play with Lego bricks but not too small to take a liking to a Lego pirate boat.

And this is Logan's Speed Racer, complete with pilot with sunglasses.

Priceless days, gorgeous days, days so good you never want them to end.
And this is a personal message to that bacteria lurking on my tonsils and in my throat - you have had MONTHS to do this to me and you choose 48 hours out of surgery! How very dare you!


  1. Oh you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. I LOVE Lego. I would spend hours and hours meticulously building the models as per the paper instructions. I'd go nuts if I couldn't find a two-nodule piece and could never be persuaded to use two one-nodule pieces. Yeap, that striving for perfection is still there. Mind you, it's from my ma. I had to play on the back veranda because the Lego made the house look messy. All seasons - back veranda. Needless to say I also LOVE Playmobil. Less mess and I was allowed indoors.

  2. Lego on the back verandah in winter? Oh my! But I agree with the needing to find the right pieces...I used to sit for hours making houses and making little complete rooms with little lego furniture...and I had to have a window for every room so once the roof was on I could become a secret admirer and look through the windows at the occupants...come to think of it, that's a little sick stalker0ish!!!