Sunday, 15 June 2008

Completely and utterly unmotivated...

I thought it was Friday-itis. Then I thought it was the weekend 'cruise'. Today I realised I am not procrastinating but am rather unmotivated. I look at the piles and piles of fabrics waiting to be booked in to the system, photographed, measured and uploaded onto the website so that they can be purchased and loved by a new owner...but, alas, I haven't done a thing this weekend. Haven't picked up one fabric. Can you believe it?

On a brighter note I have decided where all of our herbs will be located and shall plant them in the next couple of days. Even went and bought some marjoram and coriander today to complete the bed. Noticed berries are now in to buy so have put that on my to-do list for next weekend. We are determined to use as much of the backyard as possible (and it's a big thing!) to sustain ourselves. However - slight hitch. Slight problemo. Haven't grown a thing in years. Not even a weed. Have killed two rhubarb plants. So stay tuned - this herb and vigie patch ride should be an interesting one.

In anticipation of tonnes of lovingly tended and grown vegies we bought a chest freezer. Haven't got a thing to put in it yet but I hope it comes in handy!

Can somone please tell my motivation to come back from Bali? I think it's gone on holiday. How on earth does one motivate oneself...perhaps I should turn the computer off like I did on Friday...hmmmm....


  1. When you work out where your motivation is, can you tell it to have a word to mine. It's been MIA for weeks.

  2. I think my motivation has gone to Tahiti - perhaps yours is on the beach with mine? When I fly over to pick it up I'll have a chat to yours for you and see what I can never know, it may want to leave paradise and come back to craftiness :)