Saturday, 7 June 2008

I love lazy weekends...but I never get one!

Saturday, for me, is one of the busiest days of the week. There was so much to be done this morning and I barely got anything completed. There's always tomorrow - so we'll be off bright and early to Bunnings and Mitre 10, as well as local nurseries, to start projects we have in the pipeline for our retro kitsch home. They are:

1. Start a herb garden - I think we'll do this under the big magnolia tree we have in the back yard.

2. Start a vegie patch - we have a huge garden, all bordered with large rocks. We're going to rearrange all of this to create beds for a vegie patch. We used to have one and loved it! The kids will still have a tonne of room to play in, but it means we're utilising the earth and growing fresh and healthy vegies to feed us all...

3. Paint the toilet - yes, I ripped down the horrid blue Laura Ashley wallpaper someone had popped in the room in the 80s. Yuck - I hate pretty! I ripped it all down one day when I had the clothes dryer going and it fogged up the toilet with was the perfect opportunity to rip Laura down! But now I have a bare toilet so it needs re-doing and re-doing quickly. Debating whether to even get a new toilet...perhaps a red one? Can you even get coloured toilets?

4. Put new shelving into the workroom. Too little space. Too much stuff.

5. Get rods for a new wallhanging I am doing for the piano room and our entrance room. I bought GIANT old Sanderson blinds from an estate sale around three years ago and have never used them. I sold the middle blind that was 2.5m long (yes - it was a veritable mansion sale) and have the two single ones to work with. As it's thick blind fabric I can't wrap it around a canvas so have to sew two dowls in to be able to hang them. The old Arts and Crafts design in deep red should look gorgeous - can't wait 'til I've finished them.

6. Finding a base paint - we're going to start painting the entire house. Usually I go for bright, bold colours but recently the idea of having all white walls has been interesting. Perhaps having so much colour elsewhere (like my brown Fler lounge, my teak wood and all of my coloured glass) would be shown off better with white walls. Thinking. Thinking.

7. Finding rocks/stones for front garden. We're going stone and native. No water here so we need plants that can find their own!

That's about it. Too much to do...but we'll take it step by step :)

Enjoy the eye candy...going up for sale soon :)

Have a great long weekend!

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  1. Thanks for your comment, i'm loving your blog... gorgeous fabrics! Off to check out your Etsy shop...

    BTW i like the white wall idea :)