Thursday, 12 June 2008

Eating only backyard food

I just found out microwave popcorn is bad for you...along with 99% of all other things up those supermarket aisles. We've recently become fans (addicted) of popcorn - we do the stovetop variety and Logan has loved watching it pop. We just put a little salt on it so it's not tooooo bad for you...but gee it's tasty and my sick gallbladder withstands it.

What has this got to do with vintage fabric? Absolutely nothing...but can you smell the popcorn? Yummo....

PS. Our herb garden is still not finished...the earth has been turned over and fertilized, but the herbs are just sitting in their tubs looking longingly at the fresh wet soil. Our days have been busy this week so it has to wait until the weekend...but it feels good to start our own sustainable garden and to give our bodies the best we can grow :)

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