Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Florence Broadhurst going up on ebay...

The time has come (or came and went) to take stock of the amount of fabric we have. Anyone who collects anything knows you have your 'prized' pieces, good pieces and then pieces you have just so they're part of the collection.

Or, you just sit back, survey the scene and go 'time to just sell some fabric, no matter what.'

So, today I gathered the Florence Broadhurst stock we still have from when we bought up big from Signature Prints. I gathered some more vintage fabric and have it in a pile to take shots of for ebay. Yes, ebay. I don't like ebay. Not at all. But it's the easiest place to sell quickly...bah!

So, gearing up for some auctions and a return to the ebay format for the first time in around a year, I think. Not looking forward to it but at least people will get access to fab fabric at fab lengths at fab prices.

And I have to stock the website.

And I have to work out how to put a message on the website to say 'buy now as we're closing for a break later this month'. Just for a week or so. Just so I can go under the knife and arrive back here without the gallbladder and housed stones.

I'll feel as serene as the blue chick above in recovery. Or at least that's what my Uncle says. I reckon I'll be chucking my guts up :(

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