Friday, 20 June 2008

What would vintage fabric prefer - top or front? load or front load washing machine?

We welcomed a chest freezer this week and the washing machine obviously didn't like a new thing in his playroom. Cracked it two hours later and refused to process full wash - agreed to medium or low wash, but that was it. So Justin decided to do the usual man thing and attacked the washing machine that evening...usually all ends well when he gets his hands to things, but not this time. The washing machine obviously detests the chest freezer and now won't go a thing. Spurts water into the tub and that's it.

We usually buy top loaders for the fabrics as I can always dive in mid-cycle and remove the fine ones. But now with stage four water restrictions on the Bellarine Peninsula I am thinking front loader. But I have no idea how to use a front loader and apparently they take ages to wash.

If anyone has any advice let us know...we're off tonight to have a look at what's available and shall purchase it tomorrow.

Hopefully it likes the chest freezer.


  1. Valerie's Vintage20 June 2008 at 20:32

    I needed my front loader because I have 3 kids and it can hold a LOT, but we have had some issues with it. It's a Kenmore (Whirlpool) and it often reeks of mold. When we researched the problem, we found that all over the world people have had terrible problems with front loaders molding- EVEN IF you leave the door open, which we do. Just do that research please! I rather wish we'd bought a top loader.

    Also, larger items (like FABRIC and sheets) get twisted very badly.

  2. That's a tough one. Front loaders are supposed to be gentler on fabrics and they're oh so environmentally friendly, but they TAKE FOREVER. I have a massive 7kg top loader and we empty the water from it straight into the garden (hasn't killed anything yet) so I feel a whole lot better about that aspect of things, and yes... they are more flexible (being able to pull things out halfway, etc)... but if I had my time again I'd probably go front-loader just for the sake of the environment (and you can put your dryer on top).