Monday, 16 June 2008

Three vintage fabrics have arrived on the website :)

I woke up with some motivation this morning...somehow...somewhere. Justin is off all day doing errands and the like so it's just me plowing away. I am trying to get our books in order for tax time (ack!) and also just added three fabrics on to the website. View them here. Hopefully I'll continue to upload more things today - but I am also getting ready to sell our Florence Broadhurst stock on ebay so other things are also taking my unmotivated time!


  1. Valerie's Vintage16 June 2008 at 20:35

    Those fabrics are awesome!

    I have so much stock for Valerie's Vintage sitting in my dining room waiting to be photographed. I wonder what is making me so unmotivated! I vow to photograph half of it today.

  2. Good on you Valerie's Vintage - I hope you adhered to your vow of photographing your stock...:) - my motivation is still on holiday but I hope it shall return soon!