Friday, 4 July 2008

90% cotton, 10% hair - what the?

Some things you come across are just so precious. In amongst a fabric collection we purchased last year, shoved in a box long forgotten, was a vast array of vintage fabric samplers. Although not in their original books, one looks to be late 60s vintage and the other 1940s and 1950s. I kept the box with the intention of sitting down on a lazy day (yes, funny, I know) and putting them all into an art book. That day was yesterday. I sat down and stapled them all in a book and I just love it! I have photographed some of the fabrics above for you to peruse the warp and weft in detail...

The weirdest one is image four. 90% cotton and 10% hair - it's called hair canvas. What the??? Anyone have any idea what hair would be in it??

Have a great weekend, everyone - and happy long weekend to those of you in the USA!

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