Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Gorgeous vintage fabrics going up for sale...

I have been having a great time of late cleaning up. I would take photos of the fabrics but, to be honest, they are never in the state I want them to be! One day, when the vintage fabric gods smile on us, I'll take some shots of the workroom. For now, photos of vintage fabric just about to be uploaded will have to do :)

I am doing a small freelance job at the moment and, even though it was hard to work for someone else, I am slowly enjoying myself. You may not be able to tell (in fact, I know you can't tell!), but by 'career' I am a copywriter or technical writer. People pay me to write things. Annual reports. Press or print ads - or campaigns. Radio spots. Business proposals. Brochures - you name it, I write it. The silliest thing I have ever written? Well, apart from my plays (yes, some of which have been produced) I worked on the launch of the Ford Taurus in Australia. They drove the car, fitted with tape over badges, for me to look at to write articles for the launch. The funny part? I didn't have a licence, couldn't drive it and I am no car person.

But, inbetween writing away, we have been completing our Retro Age tax and also working on uploading some fabrics onto the website. These shots are the ones going up in the next couple of days.

I think some of them may go up on Ebay - I haven't decided yet. But keep an eye on the website and ebay auctions if you're after a particular one...until next time - take care and I hope you have a great day!


  1. OK, cool. I sub the crap out of car reports for a newspaper. Tee hee. No, jests aside, I did always suspect that the people writing the copy for motoring press kits hadn't actually driven the car. I am sure your press work is just fine and dandy and really, it's the revhead reporters who add the crap.

  2. LOL - subies have a hard road. Copywriting is easy, but, yeh...everything has a spin to make it seem AOK. Like the Taurus...ahem...where is that now? LOL...