Saturday, 5 July 2008

Kitsch 80s fabrics...and Miss Universe

I think I have been in a rather kitsch frame of mind. Lots of the fabric I am putting up on ebay is quite kitsch - especially the 80s stuff. Even though it's a stretch polyester and a modern fabric I love the oasis print below...quite classic in black and white.

Kitsch fruit. Hilarious. Pure 80s vintage and one for the stash, I think. It's quite a large scale print, too, so it would look cool used in wall art for a beach house or even ye olde fruit shop (wouldn't that be so cool???).

Animal prints are not my favourite fabrics, but a very long shot. I don't dig the animal print thing. I even hate the 70s animal print just reminds me of cheap sleaze, for obvious reasons! This 80s fabric is a take on the animal print and would work well in a retro 80s dress...

Are there any Miss Universe followers out there? I have had to join a competition (don't ask - pluh-ease don't ask!) and I have to chose 15 girls who I think will make it through to some final or something. My whole being screams don't do it! it cheapens women! it's tacky! but I have promised a relative I would try and beat him and his friends and get the highest score. Yeh, right. Any help??? If you're keen, view them here. I need some help!

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